According to a recent survey from the RCP nearly two thirds (69%) of Brits feel more worried about their ability to keep warm this winter compared to last year.

An average home loses around 10% of energy through the windows which may not sound much, but if you add this to the other areas like doors, floors, walls and the roof, every bit counts. By tackling each source of loss you can help to heat your home more efficiently making your energy use cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

pleated blinds

Cellular Pleated Blinds

The hexagonal structures in these blinds connect to create effective little airpockets that slow down thermal transfer from your windows when the blind is down.  Originally designed for conservatories, they also trap the heat in summer for a more comfortable experience on hot days.  Cellular blinds are now increasingly being used all over the home and we often fit them behind other blinds, eg roman blinds, as they take up very little space when pulled up.

Interlined Thermal Roman Blinds

Made with 3 layers of fabric – the interlining is similar to a blanket in texture and is sandwiched between the main fabric and a thermal blackout lining on the back.  For maximum heat retention, these should be fitted inside the window recess for a snug fit which will help to trap the cold air the other side of the blind.  I have these in my own bedroom which is East facing and you can really feel the cold coming off the windows when they are pulled up in the mornings!

Interlined Curtains

As with interlined roman blinds, these have the 3 layers of fabric and are extremely good at keeping the cold at bay especially if they are full length to the floor. Think of a draughty stately home and the grand curtains within and you begin to see why they have been popular for so many years.  Obviously not quite so effective if they cover a lovely warm radiator in front of the window as that will just trap the heat the wrong side of the curtain!

Other curtains and blinds that will help prevent some heat loss include blackout lined curtains; wood venetians and roller blinds and getting the correct fit is key to how much the draughts will come through.

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