With the revival of vintage inspired fabrics being seen in all the new collections, it’s no surprise that traditional style pelmets are also experiencing a comeback.

As with all things that are fashion and design led, pelmets are due their time in the spotlight again and this classic window treatment is reclaiming its place in modern design schemes.

What is a pelmet?

A pelmet is essentially a box shaped framework fitted above a window and usually covered in fabric, padding and often decorated with piping, borders or a variety of trimmings.

What are the benefits?

Practically, pelmets are great for blocking out the light and hiding any anomalies with uneven walls above windows . For maximum light blockout, we often fit two separate curtain tracks that overlap each other so there are no gaps between the curtains in the centre. Aesthetically, they can add an extra layer of design and style with shaping or contrast fabrics to co-ordinate with the curtains.

Things to consider

Pelmet depth is very important. Personally, I don’t like very short depth pelmets as they can look a bit mean, and too deep a pelmet can be a bit overpowering.  When I design a pelmet, I work with my client to agree a suitable depth that has the correct proportions and looks balanced. Room height is also a factor to consider – higher ceilings work better as installing a pelmet in a room with a low ceiling can make the room look even shorter.

What can they be used with?

Curtains are the most popular window dressing to go with pelmets and we usually fit the curtain track to the underside of the ‘box’ pelmet so that it is hidden from view. Slimmer depth pelmets look great with roman blinds too and elevate a simple window treatment.

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