Spring cleaning is more than simply a deep clean, although that’s an essential element; it’s also about tackling outstanding tasks, you know those things you tend to put off. Essentially it’s about instilling some organisation to transform your home into a space you want to spend time in.


Spring is the perfect time to deep clean your home. The list of tasks can seem endless but tackle them one room at a time and it’ll seem more achievable. Things to consider include:

  • Wash windows
  • Refresh window treatments
  • Dust overlooked areas
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Shampoo rugs & carpets
  • Vacuum upholstery


Whether it’s a constantly overflowing laundry basket or a pile of old magazines, you need to get rid of the clutter that’s preventing the space from feeling calm – you don’t want a constant reminder of tasks you should be ticking off your to-do list!

Establishing some order and getting rid of things you don’t need are great ways to make the space feel more zen.

Tidy Home

Surround yourself with a few of your favourite things:

Once you’ve emptied your space of all the things you don’t need, decorate it with some of the things you love. This could mean hanging your favourite family photographs, showing off your collection of quirky glassware or adorning the space with dozens of candles.

By curating spaces with things that bring you joy, you’re more likely to switch off from the world and enjoy spending time in them.

Stop putting off DIY – just do it!:

When it comes to DIY tasks, try not to put off the little niggles which are a constant reminder that you need to get a job done.

Regardless of whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or fixing a piece of turned down wallpaper, complete these tasks as soon as you can to enable you to focus on the lovely things you want to do in the room.

Choose colours that lift your mood:

It’s well known that blues and greens are very restful colours but when it comes to designing your spaces, think about your individuality and select colours that suit the room and what you want to use it for.

Spring is the ideal time to refresh your space, whether it’s updating the walls with new paint or wallpaper or some new soft furnishings. And obviously, if you’re contemplating some new curtains or blinds, then get in touch!

Leyland Trade Paint Colour Chart

Little and often:

Once you’ve created a space that feels organised, the trick is to keep it that way!

By completing daily or weekly tidying and cleaning jobs like putting clothes away, or keeping surfaces clear of clutter, it will be much easier to maintain a sense of calm and feel less overwhelmed.