A request I get all the time is for standard blackout roller blinds to make a room completely dark – and I have to tell you that they won’t.

Whilst the fabric itself will be blackout, there is always light that will come in through the sides as the fabric doesn’t go completely to the width of the window recess. The mechanism for the roller blind takes up around 1.5cm – 3cm on each side depending on the control option you choose.  Roller blinds can be operated manually with a chain or motorised and controlled with a remote control or an app.

But there is an alternative… actually, several.

Roller blinds can be fitted with side channels that the fabric slots into and this will block the light but it is not the most attractive option.

Pleated blinds are a great alternative as the fabric width is the same as the headrail and can be fitted with just a few millimetres gap each side.

pleated blind

Roman blinds are similar to pleated in that they just need about 0.5mm each side to operate smoothly.  Having both pleated and roman blinds together will ensure a dark room,

And there are always blackout curtains which are very effective at keeping the light out, especially if paired with a pelmet.