I’m sharing my top ten tips for getting your home organised for Christmas without the stress.  These steps are best done over the few weeks leading up to Christmas rather than all crammed into one week but will help you have a more relaxed an enjoyable Christmas season!

1. Declutter

Decluttering now will save you precious time later, and best of all: it’s free! It will also help to alleviate some of the post-Christmas stress of too much stuff in the house.

Work first to declutter the main living and high-traffic areas in the house.  In the kitchen, declutter the countertops, fridge and freezer by removing any unnecessary items and throwing out expired food. Clean out the cabinets and give every dish, cup, pot and pan a designated space; this will make cleaning up after late-night holiday parties a lot quicker. In the bedroom, sort drawers and wardrobes methodically, donate or sell on apps like Vinted – any clothes shoes you no longer wear.

 My tip for selling on Vinted is to pay the small fee to boost your item – it will sell a lot quicker.

Although it is unlikely your guests will scrutinise your bedroom, having an organised space here will provide you with a calm space to retreat to when it all gets too much! Consider going through toys with your children. They’re often more willing to part with things at this time of year when they know that more is coming. (They’re kids, that’s just how their minds work.)

2. Decorate main spaces

While a touch of Christmas decor can transform any space into an inviting winter wonderland, decorating every room in the house can be costly and completely overwhelming.Instead, focus first on decorating the main spaces in your home with a few pieces that you’ve collected over time.

Deck out your living room simply with a lighted garland, maybe a few holiday-themed throws or cushions, some candles, and, of course, your Christmas tree. Add light holiday touches in the kitchen and dining area with themed placemats and a Christmas centerpiece on the table.

When it comes to other areas in your home–bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms–add an inexpensive touch of the holiday season with a winter-scented candle. My favorite scented candles are from Neom where you can get 15% off if you sign up to their newsletter.  

3. Stock the kitchen cupboards

Stocking the kitchen early and buying items in bulk will keep you from last-minute, budget-busting shopping.

Buy non-perishable bulk items when they’re on offer and store them in your (newly decluttered) cupboards.  If you have supermarket groceries delivered, plan out each week to add a few non-perishable Christmas food items to spread costs.

4. Make freezer meals

Over the next few weeks, add a few extra portions when you’re making dinner and freeze them for days when you are too busy to cook.  Easy to reheat after a long day of work or shopping and comforting to know you have something readily available to eat. Great examples are casseroles or my personal favourites – Thai chicken curry, fish pie and chicken burgers.

5. Create a wrapping box

Having a designated space to store gift-wrapping materials not only makes the wrapping process easier, but also helps to prevent unnecessary spending on gift wrap, tape, and gift tags since you are able to easily assess what you have on hand.

If you have space, a dedicated drawer in your home office or bedroom works well or if like me, you are short on space, a zippered cloth container that slides under the bed is also an option.  I use Ikea’s £11 Skubb storage box as it is long enough to fit rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags etc.

6. Clean high-traffic areas

If you’re considering it, maybe wait to splurge on a cleaning service until after the holidays; you’ll appreciate starting off the new year with a clean home. Instead, before Christmas, focus on deep-cleaning the high traffic areas in your home:

Use a solution of water and white vinegar (drop in some essential oils, if you prefer) to clean the bathrooms and kitchen and remove limescale from taps and showerheads. Vacuum the sofa and armchairs – especially in-between the cushions where crumbs tend to collect!  A mix of vinegar and baking soda can also be used as an inexpensive and effective solution for spot-cleaning stains on carpets and rugs.

7. Prepare for guests

There’s no need to break the bank in order to provide a warm and inviting space for your guests. Simply clean the house and be welcoming. Dust, vacuum, and clean the toilets. But don’t apologize for things out of place or any remaining messes though. Most people won’t even notice and everyone knows that life happens.

If you’re having overnight guests, grab a winter-scented linen spray to mist the freshly-washed bedding and curtains in the guest room. I love the White Company’s Winter spray as it is delicate with a non-artificial scent at £18.


8. Be strategic with outdoor decorations

Classic white twinkling lights in warm or cool white strung across the top of windows and wrapped around tree branches will be an investment you’ll use for years to come.  A wreath on the front door is the ultimate Christmas declaration to welcome guests to your home.  Buy or make at your local garden centre - many have Christmas wreath making classes.  Or for something special, I love the bespoke wreaths from www.willowsandbrook.co.uk.  A locally based business run by two talented sisters.

Transition your summer pots to winter: use natural items such as pine cones, birch log pieces, and evergreen sprigs to create winter planters for your front steps or porch.

9. Plan ahead

This tip covers everything from ordering Christmas cards to scheduling needed maintenance on your home.  Without fail, every year I get calls from customers in the week or two before the big day, asking for a curtain track to be fixed/blinds to be mended etc!

If you know that the boiler or another appliance needs maintenance, try to take care of it in advance rather than waiting until it’s out of order; you may end up paying extra, after-hours charges for service.

10. Relax!

Chaos and unplanned mishaps are all part of the wonderful joy of Christmas and are often the things that you remember fondly in years to come, rather than the perfect days.  I personally find a glass of fizz or two while I’m cooking on Christmas morning makes everything seem a lot less intense!