Bright, bold and beautiful – is how I would sum up the new offerings from the major designers for  the Spring and Summer seasons!

There is a definite shift away from the more muted colours and plain designs we’ve seen over the last few years where an abundance of plain and textured plains were widespread for blending in with the popular grey colour schemes.

I for one am delighted to see to return of patterns and bold colours, so much more enjoyable to work with interesting fabrics!

But be warned if you are on a budget or have a tendency to get bored very quickly of your surroundings – research shows that we are much more likely to tire of bold colours faster than we are of toned down colour schemes.  Hence why the taupe trend of previous years and the current grey trend were popular for so long.

If you’re ready to introduce some colour and pattern into your home, here’s part 1 of my pick of the new collections along with some of the more contemporary offerings:

Exotica from Clarke and Clarke

Birds of paradise, passion flowers and exotic island life dazzle against opulent velvets, rustic linens, embroideries and intricate weaves.  With 45 colours ranging from kingfisher tones to vibrant teals and softer combinations of slate, amethyst mineral and blush, this stunning collection is a seductive homage to tropical island life.

Eden from Clarke and Clarke

Fresh realism brings hand drawn elements to life in this delightful collection.  A fusion of the ‘English country garden’ and ornate damasks, Eden brims with vitality and colour.  Wild ferns, rambling leafy trails and bejewelled dragonfly prints dance on a dual-purpose linen blend quality.

Sherwood from Studio G

Stylised florals, elegant foliage trails, peacock feathers and stately tree designs define this iconic collection of contemporary prints.  A modern-day twist on the Arts & Crafts style with a splash of contemporary colour, this collection is intriguing and timelessly elegant.

Bempton from Studio G

Inspired by coastal living, this collection of ticking stripes has a light, relaxed feel.  High quality fabrics featuring jaunty stripes in modern colours are offset against a backdrop of neutral shades. Perfect for curtains, blinds and cushions.

Meraki from Ashley Wilde

A  contemporary collection with an eclectic mix of prints and jacquards that coordinate beautifully with a new chenille plain, Nevis. Shiny yarns are juxtaposed with matte yarns to create intricately detailed contrasting jacquards. This charming collection of fabrics wonderfully captures a Scandi feel and creates a stylish living space.

Sakura from Ashley Wilde

Inspired by the nature and beauty of Japan, Sakura is a collection that emanates sophistication and elegance. Full of texture and teamed with beautiful satin jacquards, Sakura is a timelessly stunning collection.

Formations from Ashley Wilde

Strongly influenced by the patterns and textures found in nature, Formations is an eclectically mixed collection. With highlights of copper and slate, Formations is both sophisticated and versatile.

Look out for part 2 of my blog on the new collections next month, and if any of these have captured your interest, give me a call to see how they could work in your living space.

Marian Forrest