Long narrow windows can usually be found on landings or stairwells in many homes and if you are lucky enough to have a light filled window like this, chances are you want something that will provide privacy and will look stylish at the same time.

There are a few tricks you can try to dress these long narrow windows, my personal favourite design is to have a functioning roman blind that you cal pull up and down for privacy and light control, but with a pair of dress curtains to frame the window.  Often, having very long curtains can be difficult to pull across which is why I favour this style.

Roman blind

Fitting a roman blind outside of the recess and a little above the frame will give the appearance of a wider, more generous blind and keeps the stairwell or landing floor area clear if the space is limited.

Roman blind with dress curtains

Having the roman fitted inside the recess and a pair of dress curtains outside provides the best of both worlds in my view.  This gives a framing to the window and the curtains can stay ‘dressed’ in their position while the roman blind provides privacy.

roman blind and curtains


Full length curtains on a pole that is wider than the window, can beautifully emphasize the long window and frame and will provide warmth in the winter for this large area of glass.

curtains for long narrow window

Roller blind

The most economical solution and best fitted inside the window recess.  This will give privacy but not too much warmth, although choosing a blackout fabric will help reduce heat loss in the winter and keep the sunlight at bay in the summer.

roller blind for long narrow window

Wood venetian blinds

The most fuss free solution, simply pull the cords to tilt the slats into the open or close position.  Does cut out some of the light but if you opt for a pale colour wood finish, this will help to keep the area light and bright.

If you need advice or a quote for your long window, send me a photo to 07952 697850 and I’ll be happy to advise.