It’s that time of the year again, when Pinterest tell us the most ‘pinned’ items that might shape our home décor decisions for the year ahead.

Bold patterned walls and flooring feature, as do living walls, these are just some of the trends that Pinterest have included in their Top 100 styles, predicted to be big in 2019.

Using data collected over the last 6 months, Pinterest can spot the trends on an upward climb and some might surprise you!

Yearning for Yellow:

My ultimate favourite colour – searches for bold mustard walls and small accents for a bright and colourful pop of colour + 45%

Creative cacti:

Now at first I thought this was a weird one, took me back to having to water a neighbour’s many and varied collection of cacti when I was about 15, but then I realised why it’s popular – in these crazy busy times we live in, the humble cactus needs barely any attention – perfect!  Searches for these are up 235%

Funky Flooring:

Mosaic and patterned floor tiles are here to stay,  with even bolder colours and designs, searches for painted floor tiles are up 1276%

Grow up the wall:

If you only have a small space, this is perfect!  Would need some clever irrigation piping to keep it well watered but the effect is stunning.  Vertical gardens are on the rise for people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives. Searches for vertical gardens +287%

Spinning yarns:

People are wrapping up their walls—and themselves—in fabric for a textured, artsy aesthetic.   The desire to feel safe and cosy is being reflected in the home.   Searches for textile art are up a whopping 1718%

And finally, the bold wallpaper theme continues.  When you think back to just a few years ago when we were tentatively starting to wallpaper one wall and call it a feature wall, we’re getting so much braver!  Bold wallpaper with tropical leaves and super bright prints are making their way into our homes.  Searches for bold print wallpaper up 401%

So as we enjoy our warm cosy homes all ready for Christmas, the style leaders out there are getting ready to show their 2019 collections in the New Year, watch this space for details of the new fabric and wallpaper collections coming soon…